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Reflecting the Balinese Culture tp all the world 
The shadow puppet: truly one of Bali’s most extraordinary art forms. Small, beautifully crafted leather figures are lit from behind, their images projected on to a screen in huge, imposing shadows for all to see.

Ground Breaker 
Jaye Wood talks to Bali’s top corporate women about career and opportunity, tradition and family. Mayke BoestamiAlthough many women are reluctant to express it publicly, in private conversations many quickly acknowledge their status in Balinese and Indonesian society as a deferential one.

Sarad Bali 




Island Life 
The travel lifestyle magazine

Bali Echo 
Bali's bimonthly cultural journal and visitors' guide is reproduced almost in full online. It iswell worth a browse for its features on subjects as diverse as Kuta nightlife and black magic in Bali

Bali Echo 52 
"Wayang Wong Tejakula`` Sacred Art of Migrants```` `` The highly spiritual dance drama, wayang wong Tejakula, has its`` roots in a migrant community. Alpha Savitri explores this history, and`` the mystical tales that surround it. Kintamani is 98 kilometers from`` Denpasar"

Bog Bog Bali Cartoon Magazine 
"Bali Cartoon Magazine is more than just a medium used for news, advertising distribution, and local information. It serves information in the form of cartoon illustrations, making it easy for the reader to understand through its light-hearted and humorous approach. It simultaneously executes the purpose of communicating to the audience through laughter, while still spreading news, advertising and other promotional information"

"The birth of Indonesian Latitudes is, we’re`` confident, cause for celebration. Our aim is to`` provide nothing less than the most novel and`` illuminating take on Indonesia’s unique`` cultures, diverse inhabitants, and distinctive`` ways of life."

Bali Echo 46 Edition 
Everything you need to know about Bali

Bali Echo Visitor's Guide 45 
"According to Webster's Concise Dictionary, to be in a trance is to be``in a state of altered consciousness,``resembling sleep - as in a state of hypnosis. It is a state that the``Balinese are easily acquainted with, and``will mention in an almost casual manner. Like many of the customs that appear exotic to the western mind, seeing people enter a deep trance and perform the impossible is simply a``part of Balinese life."

Bali Echo Visitor's Guide 44 
"Much excitement for the celebration of the New Millennium has been`` planned for Bali. In view of recent events it might be wise for`` everyone, especially those in the tourist industry, to take a moment`` to stop and consider what may be beyond the profits promised by`` the upcoming Y2K festivities. By Bruce Carpenter."

Bali Echo Visitors' Guide 43 
"Poised 1,400 feet up on the slopes of Gunung Agung in the`` Karangasem Regency is the idyllic Sideman valley. The area is`` famous for stunning scenery and a traditional way of life, and has`` become renowned as a secluded haven for the world-weary. `` Susi Johnston shares the deeper and closely guarded Sidemen`` secret.y"

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Puri Manik Cottages

bathroom bedroom

Puri Manik Cottages is located at Hanoman Street, Padang tegal, Ubud on 300 meter square of land close to Central Ubud and Monkey Forest is on easy walking distance. Puri Manik Cottages is right in the middle of various tourism facilities such as restaurants, boutiques, art shop and community center and can be easily accesed from Airport, Denpasar and all corners of Ubud, a strategic premium location in the midst of Ubud's tourism activities.

Puri Manik Cottages features two-storied Balinese houses and cottage style houses that are completely walled in and it also has restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gallery and art shop.

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