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Contact Our Travel Consultants Japan baliwww.com home page
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Young Guns 
Ever true to its cultivated image of uniqueness, Bali has remained safe for travel and riot-free in spite of the headline upheavals that have been occurring not far to the island’s west. Visitors to the island could even be forgiven for assuming that Balinese have decided that the events rocking Jakarta are irrelevant to them. But have they? In seeking some wisdom on this question, Andre Sjahreza turns to Bali’s young generation.

Warung Society 
The opening of the Warung Budaya ("Culture Cafe") at Denpasar’s Art Centre, and its development as a regular gathering place for artists and intellectuals, reminds Cok Sawitri and Arif B. Prasetyo of similar cafe traditions indigenous to Balinese village society.

We prepared this web for those who love Bali and all those people who are willing to take part in helping to save this unique island from destruction

Rotaract Club Denpasar 
Rotaract Club adalah Club anak muda berusia antara 18-30 tahun, disponsori oleh Rotary Club ialah suatu organisasi pengabdian masyarakat yang meliputi seluruh dunia untuk para professional yang tergabung dalam 30.000 Rotary Club dengan lebih dari 1.5 juta anggota

Sanur Village Association 
Welcome to the Bali Sanur Web & Tourism outsourcing Center. The best place for Sanur Bali Tourism industry. With a mission to support the development of quality tourism through promotional, marketing and information-sharing activities, as well as to empower its members to participate in an increasingly competitive international marketplace, Sanur Village Association has a responsibility to focus on the future.

The Rotary Club Bali 
Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua represents the Nusa Dua hotels resort complex and surrounding area on the southern tip of the island. The club is one of two in Bali that uses English as its official language for weekly meetings (Bali Seminyak is the other).

It could be argued that there is no real urban Bali. What appear as cities are really just collections of banjars - small communities bound by religion and a local brand of communalism. As a lembaga adat - a ‘traditional institution’ - the banjar is ideally autonomous of the state and functions primarily to serve its members communal and religious needs.

Expatriate Living in Bali 

Information-Internet Society of Indonesia 
Developing Information Infrastructure from the core.

Bali Community Events 
"Bali Community Events``covering Ubud, Sanur, Nusadua and Sanur"

Indonesian Chinese 
"Comment on the latest news, thoughts on Indonesian`` Chinese situation or Cultural & Historical Aspects`` about Indonesian Chinese"

Balinese Virtual Community 
Balinese Virtual Community

Belgian Luxemburg Indonesia Club (BLIC) 
"Belgian Luxemburg Indonesia Club (BLIC) - information on activities for Belgians/Luxemburgers in`` Indonesia. Agenda social events, news and info"


Puri Manik Cottages

bathroom bedroom

Puri Manik Cottages is located at Hanoman Street, Padang tegal, Ubud on 300 meter square of land close to Central Ubud and Monkey Forest is on easy walking distance. Puri Manik Cottages is right in the middle of various tourism facilities such as restaurants, boutiques, art shop and community center and can be easily accesed from Airport, Denpasar and all corners of Ubud, a strategic premium location in the midst of Ubud's tourism activities.

Puri Manik Cottages features two-storied Balinese houses and cottage style houses that are completely walled in and it also has restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gallery and art shop.

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