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Contact Our Travel Consultants Japan baliwww.com home page
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Provinces of Indonesia 
The number of provinces of Indonesia has tended to increase as new provinces have been split from existing territories. As of January 2003 there appear to be 29 provinces (propinsi), 2 special regions* (daerah istimewa), and 1 special capital city district** (daerah khusus ibukota). In September 2004, that number was increased to 33 with the last addition of West Sulawesi.

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"West Nusa Tenggara - guide to municipalities, places of interest, and lodging."

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Puri Manik Cottages

bathroom bedroom

Puri Manik Cottages is located at Hanoman Street, Padang tegal, Ubud on 300 meter square of land close to Central Ubud and Monkey Forest is on easy walking distance. Puri Manik Cottages is right in the middle of various tourism facilities such as restaurants, boutiques, art shop and community center and can be easily accesed from Airport, Denpasar and all corners of Ubud, a strategic premium location in the midst of Ubud's tourism activities.

Puri Manik Cottages features two-storied Balinese houses and cottage style houses that are completely walled in and it also has restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gallery and art shop.

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